About PerlitGroup

About  Perlitgroup

The group of companies – PerlitGroup, includes the enterprise for the mining and processing of perlite raw ore “Beregovsky Quarry” (village Muzhievo, Transcarpathian region), the plant for expanded of perlite from perlite raw ore “Krivbassperlit” (city Krivoy Rog, Dnipropetrovsk region).


We produce our perlite, mainly from Ukrainian raw materials, mined at the Fogosh quarry (village Kidosh, Transcarpathian region).


The quality indicators of expanded perlite produced from Fogosh perlite ore obtained as a result of tests, in comparison with the quality indicators of expanded perlite produced from ore from quarry of Greece, Turkey, Georgia, with a comparable average bulk density and fraction, are characterized by 50% greater strength of the bulges of granules and 20-30% less water absorption, which accordingly reduces the degree of its compaction.


Imported perlite is easy to manufacture and profitable for manufacturers, but has significant drawbacks for buyers, the main one being significant shrinkage due to the fragility of the granules. Significant losses (30-35%) occur due to shrinkage and abrasion of pearlite.

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