Leader in Perlite Production in Ukraine


The Company “Perlite Group” holds the rights to quarry pearlite at the “Fogosh” deposit located in village Muzhievo (5 km from Beregovo) in Transcarpathean oblast, the established resources of which are estimated at about 13.4 mil tons.

These days the company finished constructing the perlite rectification and expansion plant “Krivbassperlite” in Krivoy Rog, Dnepropetrovsk oblast.

Besides, in 2006 the construction of the perlite rectification and expansion plant in Beregovo was launched.

By now the company “Pearlite group” performs deliveries of crushed and extended perlite abroad, in particular to Moldova, Romania, Russia, Poland and other countries.

  • “Fogosh”, Beregovo. Extraction and production of fractioned perlite
  • “Krivbassperlite”, Krivoy Rog. Production of expanded perlite of different standards
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